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There's a Science to Greener Turf

Koch Agronomic Services, LLC is a global leader in enhanced efficiency fertilizer products. Our Ph.D. agronomists, chemists and technical specialists put advanced solutions to the test for maximized nutrient performance.

We move technologies beyond the ordinary by working with universities, government researchers, international research centers and private organizations to provide the best evaluation in diverse conditions and environments. The result is a trio of turf and ornamental products—UMAXX® fertilizer and UFLEXX™ fertilizer and HYDREXX® nitrogen stabilizer—that are engineered to be the smartest path to greater green.

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Have questions about which of our products is best for your specific needs? Interested in sharing how UMAXX® fertilizer and UFLEXX™ fertilizer or HYDREXX® nitrogen stabilizer has worked for you? Please contact our Koch Agronomic Services representatives today.

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We understand that most professionals and homeowners want a comprehensive understanding of any fertilizer product before trusting it to their prized turf. We invite you to review more details about each of our enhanced efficiency technologies. Please click here to view our SDS database.